Will be available on iOS and Android in 2024/2025.

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Everyone has a story

Every character in Cozy Commons has their own story. Can you get them to open up and share it?

Get to know every character in the game and uncover all of their secrets. Discover their unique personalities and tailor your interactions to see how they’ll react to different activities and locations. Help them overcome challenges, befriend them and watch them find their way in the world.


Enjoy growing your own crops or make your town into a living garden.

There are no farm tiles to restrict where you plant, only grow zones. Dig where you want, plant where you want.

Harvest your crops and present them as gifts to other residents, use them in your cooking recipes or sell them for clams.

Customise the look of your town with flowers and plants. The only limit is your imagination.

Learn to Cook

Try your hand at cooking.
There are various appliances and methods to assist you on your journey.

No recipe card? No worries!
Be adventurous and try combining items to see if you can uncover a new dish yourself. There are lots of ways to learn to cook in Cozy Commons.

The more you cook the more proficient you’ll become. You may even discover that those old recipes can upgrade into even better ones!

Make friends, or something more...

The residents of Cozy Commons are waiting to get to know you. Although some of them may make that task a little more challenging than others.

Invite them out, pencil a catch up into your calendar…and cross your fingers that they’ll actually show up…Everyone gets a little forgetful sometimes.

Change your mind about a meet up? Maybe you’re the one who doesn’t show up this time.

Decide how you want to greet your companions. Drive the conversation however you like. Maybe you’re looking for friendship, maybe it’s love, or maybe you like the look of that waitress?Relationships are complicated.

...or maybe Swiping is more your thing?

Meeting new people can be difficult. How can you be expected find your perfect match with such a busy schedule?

Luckily the Swipr app is just a click away!

You can pull out your phone whenever you want and look for matches near you. Just take a quick selfie and the app will find residents similar to you based on your skill profile and even the style of clothes you’re wearing.

Choose who you’d like to match with and wait to see if they swipe you back.

Not happy with your matches? Try again tomorrow. You can always change up your style or level up your skills for different results.


Retail therapy is here to stay.

Want to change your hair? Your clothes? What about decorating your apartment?

You can achieve all of that if you have the clams to pay for it.

Build your look. Stock your wardrobe and… buy yourself a wardrobe first… You might not start off with much but it won’t take you long to collect all that your heart desires.

Get a job (if you want)

Money makes the world go round.

The quickest way to make some cash is to get yourself a job.

It’s not all bad though, some jobs can be fun. There could be perks involved, maybe you can learn something?

Don’t want to work? You can always find another way to pay your rent. Maybe your date will pick up the tab for you? If not… well… you could always try running…

Customise your living space

Home is where the heart is. Even if that mattress is rather filthy…

Customise your space however you like. Buy and build furniture to suit your tastes.

Place items in the foreground or the background, hang things on your walls. There’s no grid limitations here.

We do have physics though. Which can be fun if you want to stack your furniture like a giant tower and see how long it takes to tip over.

Who doesn’t love gravity?

If you want more information about Cozy Commons, or to register to be a beta tester, contact us below, or sign up here!